Zawiski Award for Leadership

The Renal Healthcare Association’s Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership recognizes excellence in the dialysis industry and is presented annually to an individual who has exemplified great leadership to the kidney and dialysis industry. The candidates of this award serve as examples to their colleagues and are known for their efforts made to the business aspects of End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and dialysis.

About Mark Zawiski 

This award is named after Mark Zawiski, a dialysis facility administrator renowned for his tireless work on behalf of dialysis patients and the associations that support independent dialysis providers. Mark started his career in the renal industry while attending night school and later served as a patient care technician. He worked his way through college and graduate school as a dialysis technician, and went on to earn his MBA. He worked his way up in the renal industry to the level of facility administrator for several dialysis facilities in the Miami area and became the administrator for two facilities in the Miami area.

Mark excelled in volunteering many hours as President of the Florida Renal Administrators Association (FRAA) and it wasn't long before he started participating in the Renal Healthcare Association (known as NRAA at the time). He served as President of the FRAA and as a Director and then Treasurer for the Renal Healthcare Association. He was a frequent presenter at FRAA and NRAA educational events, graciously sharing his experience and skills to help facilities improve their operations while remaining committed to patient care. He established a working relationship with the Florida Intermediary which allowed the FRAA to become a resource to the Intermediary. He was also instrumental, along with Jeff Lehman, in working with HCFA (CMS predecessor) in establishing and updating the Medicare Cost Report on behalf of the Renal Healthcare Association.

Mark tragically and suddenly passed away at an early age, leaving behind a wife and two young children, and a legacy of service and dedication to the ESRD and dialysis community. He was a friend and supporter of many in the industry. His support locally and nationally is the underlying reason for this award.

Previous Winners 

If you know someone who has made major contributions to the kidney community, please consider nominating them for the 2021 Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership. 

Nominations close on
July 30, 2021.

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2020 Danilo Concepcion

2019 Joyce Jackson

2018 Lee Spodnik

2017 Deb Cote

2016 Judith Kari

2015 Sue Roturra

2014 Douglas Johnson, MD

2013 Jeff Lehman

2012 Larry Emerson

2011 Barry Straube, MD

2010 Stan Langhofer

2009 Katrina Russell

2008 Mike Cooper

2007 Lori Hartwell

2006 Ann Strivers

2005 Keith Mentz

2004 Alex Kemp

2003 Ken Chen

2002 Diane Wish

2001 Anthony Messana

2000 Maureen Michael

If you know someone who has made major contributions to the kidney community and exemplifies the leadership and spirit of Mark Zawiski, please consider nominating them for the 2021 Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership. These individuals go above and beyond the call of duty, face challenges head-on, and put the interests of patients and their community above their own.  Nominations close on July 30, 2021.



Danilo Concepcion
2020 Award Recipient

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Judith Kari
2016 Award Recipient

Douglas Johnson, MD
2014 Award Recipient