Zawiski Award for Leadership

Each year the Renal Healthcare Association recognizes one dedicated individual who is a thought leader in the kidney care industry by honoring them with the
Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership. These leaders go above and beyond the call of duty, face challenges head-on, and put the interests of patients and their communities above their own. 

This award is named after Mark Zawiski; a dialysis facility administrator who tirelessly worked on behalf of dialysis patients and associations supporting independent dialysis providers. Through various volunteer leadership roles, Mark shared his experience, advocated, and uplifted other independent dialysis providers. We honor Mark's legacy of service and dedication through this annual award.

Renal Healthcare Association proudly presents the
2021 Mark Zawiski Award for Outstanding Leadership to
Helen Currier, MA, BSN, CENP, CNN

A proactive and passionate leader, Helen has left her mark on the Renal Healthcare Association and the greater dialysis community through her many contributions and mentorship. She is a force in the industry, and it is an honor to award her with the 2021 Mark Zawiski award for Outstanding Leadership.

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Helen Currier, MA, BSN, CENP, CNN
2021 Award Recipient

Danilo Concepcion
2020 Award Recipient

Click on the video to see how we 'virtually' presented this award!

Judith Kari
2016 Award Recipient

Previous Award Winners 

2021 Helen Currier, MA, BSN, CENP, CNN

2020 Danilo Concepcion, CBNT, CCHT-A, FNKF

2019 Joyce Jackson

2018 Lee Spodnik

2017 Deb Cote

2016 Judith Kari

2015 Sue Roturra

2014 Douglas Johnson, MD

2013 Jeff Lehman

2012 Larry Emerson

2011 Barry Straube, MD

2010 Stan Langhofer

2009 Katrina Russell

2008 Mike Cooper

2007 Lori Hartwell

2006 Ann Strivers

2005 Keith Mentz

2004 Alex Kemp

2003 Ken Chen

2002 Diane Wish

2001 Anthony Messana

2000 Maureen Michael