Councils & Committees

RHA Councils and Committees

The Renal Healthcare Association fulfills its mission through education, advocacy, and services supporting renal healthcare excellence.  RHA operates under a three-tiered framework comprising Councils, Committees, and specialized Task Forces, where members actively work together to carry out the mission and vision of RHA.


Every one of our members plays a crucial role in the success of RHA. Volunteers have the opportunity to:

  • Take ownership of RHA's 2021-2024 Strategic Plan and actively contribute to RHA objectives 
  • Stay engaged with the renal health community and seek out the expertise, advice, and insight of experts nationwide 
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes constructive and open-minded dialogue 

A call for volunteers will take place in October 2023 for participation in the upcoming year. In alignment with our Strategic Plan, below are the current RHA volunteer workgroups:


Advocacy Council 

  • Advocacy Action Committee
  • Quality Committee
  • ESRD MA Task Force
  • Advocacy Priorities Task Force 
  • GAO Oral Drugs Task Force
  • CMS/CMMI Task Force 

Education Council 

  • Education Program Committee
  • Publication and Course Development 
    • Core Curriculm Editorial Board 
    • Core Curriculum Business Task Force
    • Certification Product Line Development

Membership Council 

  • Member Engagement Committee
  • Digital Platform Review Task Force 
  • Membership Focus Groups
  • Affinity Groups - coming soon

Innovation Council 

  • Home Therapies Committee

Operational Excellence Council 

  • Governance Committee
  • Finance and Investments Committee
  • Resource Review Task Force 
  • Data Analysis Task Force


Want to Volunteer?

Committee and Task Force participation is open to all members - Active, Associate, Affiliate, and Corporate Partner.  

If you're not a member but would like to participate at the task force level as needed,
email, and please include your specialty.