Renal Healthcare Association HIE for EQRS

The Renal Healthcare Association HIE for EQRS is a routing hub that receives required EQRS data from dialysis providers then seamlessly and securely sends the data via electronic submission to CMS for the ESRD program. The system also serves as the conduit to return automated feedback from CMS on the status of submissions. The Renal Healthcare Association HIE for EQRS does not store or aggregate any information.

This seamless submission allows dialysis facilities with EMRs to submit data electronically rather than manually keying it in. This means:

  • Faster data entry for EQRS
  • Less staff time spent on reporting
  • More accurate electronic data submission
  • Secure, encrypted transmission that meets HIPAA and privacy rules
  • Automated updates from CMS on data submission status
  • Cost savings by not having to build and maintain a system for your facility

The Renal Healthcare Association is providing the HIE primarily as a member benefit to help independent, regional, and community-based dialysis providers remain competitive. Fees help cover the up-front costs involved in developing the service and the costs involved in maintaining the service. Today, the HIE is managed by our subsidiary, Renal Services Exchange.  

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