Standards of Practice

As the dialysis industry evolves, so does the Renal Healthcare Association. The Code of Ethics for the Renal Healthcare Administrator and the Standards of Professional Performance for the Renal Healthcare Administrator aims to solidify the foundation for the renal healthcare administrator profession. 

The Code of Ethics for the Renal Healthcare Administrator defines the standards of conduct and professionalism for the individuals who serve in this capacity. The Code of Ethics serves as a doctrine of the Renal Healthcare Association to define the guiding principles regarding ethics of behavior and integrity of leadership. 

The Renal Healthcare Administrator seeks to

  1. Promote optimal care that improves the health and wellbeing of the person with kidney disease.
  2. Maintain high standards of personal character and professional integrity.
  3. Uphold legal, ethical, and professional obligations of the organizations they serve.
  4. Collectively work within the renal community and the healthcare community at large to advance and promote the care of patients with kidney disease.
  5. Honor the commitment to the profession of leadership and healthcare management.

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The leading resource for today's renal healthcare administrator, the Standards of Professional Performance for the Renal Healthcare Administrator outlines standards reflecting desired and achievable performance levels, with associated measurement criteria. The standards are an excellent resource for crafting job descriptions and performance appraisal tools.

The first edition is available for purchase now and includes 10 standards to evaluate and measure achievable performance for the renal healthcare administrator. Available at a discount price for members of Renal Healthcare Association. 

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