The MeetUp: Open Discussions


MeetUp events are virtual, open discussions on renal healthcare industry-critical issues; including COVID-19. Hosted by the Renal Healthcare Association. The purpose of the MeetUp event is to provide a forum for renal healthcare providers and professionals to:

  • Share experiences from struggles to successes; 
  • Gain insight, perspective and input from peers;
  • Learn about new approaches to similar challenges; and
  • Grow together and become a stronger community by supporting one another
  • Document the highlights of organic discussions to share with peers

Home Dialysis & the ETC Model
An Open Forum on Challenges & Best Practices

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
1:00 p.m. ET 

This is your chance to ask those probing questions on what home dialysis means in the context of ETC and how your peers have come together to compile the best practice tools and resources for you to adapt and adopt to your own home programs.  Our recent Webinar Wednesday speakers will be highlighting a few areas of what makes a successful program and how to avoid some safety pitfalls.  One of the most exciting parts of the webinar is to listen to the lively discussion by the panelists who all have experience with home programs to share and welcome your questions at any time. This is the 3rd educational event RHA is dedicating to home hemo and look forward to your participation and engagement.  Recordings of the MeetUp will be available on Education Station shortly after the event.

Registration is required for this complimentary event. 

Missed a MeetUp?

Audio recordings and presentation slides are posted in Education Station. Click here to access. 


This discussion event series is offered at no fee. Registration for each individual webinar is required. 

Webinar Assistance
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We do recommend, before joining the webinar, to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues.

Participants acknowledge that messages conveyed are public, and Renal Healthcare Association cannot guarantee the security of any information disclosed during the discussion; participants make such disclosures at their own risk. Any information shared is based on each individual's experience and opinion and Renal Healthcare Association is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information shared, and shall not be responsible for any decisions made based on such information. 


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