Advocacy Platform

NRAA Advocacy Platform

NRAA’s advocacy platform was formed to educate members of Congress on issues affecting the ESRD community and empowers NRAA members to act as advocates themselves. NRAA’s advocacy activities strengthen the position as the leading voice of independent and community-based dialysis providers. Over the years, NRAA continues to amplify the voice of their members in Washington D.C. through its various programs and activities.

NRAA has created the following key principles as the foundation for the organizations' advocacy activities, in alignment with NRAA’s core values and strategic plan: 

  • Improve Renal Care Quality and Streamline Quality Measurement Programs 
  • Improve Care Delivery for Dialysis Patients 
  • Improve Medicare Fee-For-Service Payments to Providers
  • Expand Early Intervention Efforts to Delay or Prevent Onset of End-Stage Renal Disease 
  • Improve Pediatric Care Delivery 
  • Protect Patient Access to Providers 

Feature Programs 

NRAA Day on the Hill 

This annual event is an opportunity for kidney care professionals and their patients to join us on the Hill in Washington, DC for a day of active advocacy. Many attendees bring their patients as well who add a unique perspective to the meetings and drive home the importance of adequate reimbursement and the impact on patient care. 

NRAA Political Action Committee
NRAA formed the Political Action Committee (NRAA PAC) as a voluntary and non-profit committee of NRAA members and their families. By establishing this entity, NRAA can enlist support  to educate federal policymakers about issues surrounding ESRD patient care. The NRAA PAC maintains independence from affiliation with any political party or other political committees. 

Tools and Resources 

Report: Charting Medicare Cost Reports Influence on the ESRD PPS: Analysis of CMS Payment Setting Procedures, Underlying Data and Policy Implications
Contact Your Member of Congress 
Facility Tour Toolkit - for NRAA Members
NRAA Anthony J. Messana Scholarship 

If you have any questions regarding these Key Principles or how you can assist NRAA's advocacy efforts please reach out at